Ramadan Day 18

2:00 pm

So I’ve neglected these posts for a while due to tests. A lot of people I have met, or posts I’ve read talk about how Ramadan is a time of productivity and honestly, it made me focus more and helped me use my time more efficiently. Diversions like series and endless music on YouTube out of sight tipped the scale to favour studying and reading material relevant to my degree. But naturally, there were still distractions.

Instead of listening to music, even classical music, while studying I listened to a few recitations of the Quran. It was beautifully distracting.
There were moments when I would have possibly wept at my lack of understanding of Arabic, the undefinable emotions and vulnerability of the person reciting seeping through his voice and the waves of bliss that crash with urgency to draw me into the words send down by God.


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